Sunday, 30 September 2012

Living Well Is The Best Revenge : That's The Point

It's funny how my perception of success has changed after 2 years of fruitless searching for gainful employment. Living in a metropolis like Toronto, jobless, and savings tapped-out, I was "lucky"  to land a part-time job with a television series. Working three days a week, my salary is barely half of what I made before being laid off. But somehow, I feel I haven't been happier. I'm working in an industry I love, and the part-time status allows me more time to work on my homework; yep, I'm taking courses and working on completing a writing certificate.
Living well is most definitely a state of mind. Some need a whole lot of money and material goods to fill up their empty lives. I learned that I can thrive on very little without compromising who I am or giving up things I really enjoy.
Oh, and who is my revenge directed at? They're really not important - that's the point I'm making.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Music Review - The Inaugural

As noted in my previous post, I am not a music critic. That being said, I am open to posting music reviews for those who wish to send me a sample of their offerings.

For my first review, I have chosen to contribute my two pennies worth (before you know it, this expression will have no meaning - at least here in Canada, where the lovely penny is in the midst of being removed from circulation) and share with you my impression of the latest release by Derek Webb. Notwithstanding, the title of his album Ctrl, is bad. I am not a big fan of this text-inspired trend in naming things - songs, albums etc. The content of the album however, is really good. I have a hard time describing anything specific about what it is I like about it but recently, I heard "Seven Bridges Road" by the Eagles, and realized that this song makes me think about Derek Webb's album Ctrl. Perhaps it's the simplicity of the guitar and the soothing quality of his voice throughout (?). There's a feeling I get ("when I look to the west") with this album that also brings to mind Sufjan Stevens and his album Chicago; the choir used on some of the songs on Ctrl, is a beautiful touch but it makes me ponder the fact that this would be a difficult album to perform live - unless the arrangements were changed. Luckily, the songs are good enough to be performed solo - a testament to the artistry of Derek Webb.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed "discovering" a new artist whose music fits nicely on my iPod playlist. I hope others feel the same.

Artist: Derek Webb     Album: Ctrl

Track Listing:
And See The Flaming Skies
A City With No Name
Can't Sleep
Pressing On The Bruise
Attonitos Gloria
I Feel Everything
A Real Ghost
Around Every Corner

Monday, 3 September 2012

I Am Not A Music Critic

I love music. I review music. But I am not a music critic. Mostly, because I don't have the musical chops to be able to judge another musician. What I do is report on my personal reaction to the enjoyability of the music I review. It is incredibly subjective. Although I do believe I possess a certain degree of discerning taste and a real desire to be fair. So if any of my reviews seem harsh, it is only because I feel strongly about the subject. Same with anything I may highly praise. Beware the review that lacks colour - I never strive for mediocrity and if my feelings are thus reflected, your album sucks - really badly.
Oh yeah, don't forget - it's only my opinion...